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I am Iskra!

Online marketer, blogger, life coach, speaker, mom, traveler, and incurable optimist dedicated to helping you become the happiest person you know!

Do you dream of:


  • Having a business that provides you with an additional income or perhaps even to replace your current job?
  • Feeling inspired and fulfilled with the work you do every day?
  • Getting rid of the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from growing both personally and professionally?
  • Having a lifestyle of freedom so you can do whatever and whenever you want?

Then You Are at the Right Place!

Welcome to my virtual space! Here, you will find unique articles, an ebook, and an in-depth group coaching program. It will teach you how to create and grow a business, online marketing (building your website, SEO, paid ads, marketing tools), personal development, and much more. All are based on the experience and expertise gained since 2012 by working on more than 250 businesses from all around the world.

I am sharing everything I’ve learned in the last decade with a heart full of love and the desire to help you create a business that is aligned with your soul so you can give to the world that uniqueness that only you have! There is no one like you, and it is time to stop playing small and unleash your full potential. It is time to show up, be true to yourself and start living your dream!

Why? Because you deserve to feel fulfilled and happy!

Let the journey to your new dream life
start now!

Наръчник на успешния сайт | Искра Евтимова

You Don’t Have a Website Yet?

To help you unleash your true potential upon the world (yes, the whole world) I have written an ebook, “Create a Website and Profit: Your A to Z Blueprint for a Successful Website that Converts Visitors into Buyers”. It is based on over 7 years of experience, mistakes, and a lot of nerves.

No matter whether you want to create a blog for a healthy lifestyle, traveling, parenthood, or an online store, this detailed guide will lead you through the process, step by step. You can reach millions with a website, so don’t underestimate the power of the Internet and digital marketing.

The best part? You don’t need any technical skills!

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