Your Guide:
Create a Website and Profit

Increase your sales and revenue by using the hidden potential of your website. No technical skills required!



  • Аll the steps you should follow to build a successful website
  • Improve your brand’s online visibility in Google
  • Convert more visitors into buyers
  • A lot of practical tips and real examples
  • Only a PDF version – you receive it immediately in your inbox. You can start today!
  • Get all the future updated versions for free

Price: €24

Who Is This Book For?

Small Business Owners


Junior Marketers & Newbies

Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

What You’ll Learn in
“Create a Website and Profit”

  • How to research your niche – keywords, trends, competitors
  • How to pick the right domain name (the name of your website)
  • How to choose the most suitable hosting company and plan for your needs
  • How to define your website’s goal
  • One vs multi-page website? Which one is better for you?
  • Platforms you may use to build your website
  • Color psychology – what colors you should use to reflect your brand identity
  • Tips to create a memorable logo
  • What should be the URL structure of the website – make it easy for users and search engines
  • What sections your website may and should have
  • Elements of the header, sidebar, body and footer – make them appealing to your visitors
  • Search engine optimization – give your website the initial boost to rank higher in Google and get more free traffic to your website
  • Should you include a blog on your website and what you should consider
  • How to use Google Webmaster and Analytics to improve the performance of your website (to increase sales)

The book costs only €24 but it will help you generate much more

the Author

Iskra Evtimova

I am a marketing and SEO specialist who helps individuals and small businesses create a website the right way from the start, or to improve their existing websites so they have a better visibility on Google and convert more visitors into buyers.

Use the full potential of your site and the Internet. In the 21st century, thousands, even millions of people are just a click away from you. I will help them find your site quickly and easily. Your success is my satisfaction.


  • Еxperience in the Online Marketing field since 2012
  • Worked on 1000+ websites
  • Over 100 conversion rate tests with 80% success rate
  • Managed a team of 25 SEOs, designers, developers and marketing specialists
  • Worked on websites for Australia, UK, and the USA
  • Trained over 250 people to optimize websites

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Why Invest in
This Book?

Save Your Money and Sanity

It will teach you how to create your website/online store by yourself. You will no longer depend on the availability and responsibility of designers and developers.

Invest in Your

It will be an investment in your small business. Do it right from the start and skyrocket.

Learn from My Experience

It will help you to stop wondering what is useful and what is not. Learn from my experience and mistakes, described in over 250 pages of practical tips and examples.

I am ready to build my own successful website!

Reviews from
Happy Customers

Ivelina Shallieva

Facebook message:

Hello Iskra! I ordered and received your book last week and finished it today. Although I know that I will probably go back to it a thousand times and re-read some things (mostly ????), I decided to write to you right now, because I am truly incredibly grateful to you! Your book is great! It filled a lot of gaps in my knowledge and in my attempts to “invent the wheel”. Beautifully curated information and written in a very understandable language (for anyone just starting out) and really helped me answer a lot of questions. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Elena Nalbantova

Facebook message:

Hello! I read your book. I’m very impressed. Thanks. I learned a lot of new and interesting things. I will re-read it a few more times to make some things clearer. I’m going to start reading the forums to see what future visitors to my site are interested in. Thanks!

A Case Study
from One of My Clients

You must be wondering: What can I achieve by applying what I learn from the book? Let me give you an example. This is a client from London who has a company for removals services. Until May 2020, the site was moving slowly with only 390-420 visits per month from Google’s organic results (the free ones). In May we changed the content strategy of the site (one of all the things you will learn in the book) and you can see in the graph below how the site started to attract more free traffic. We passed 4000 visits for June 2021 and we haven’t run paid ads in a year because the company is always fully booked one month ahead.

SEO резултати на наш клиент

You Will Even Get
2 Free Bonuses

Bonus 1:

Additional chapter for conversion rate optimization (CRO) – how to optimize the elements and content so more visitors take the action you want – buy, subscribe or call. Who would refuse an increase in sales and subscriptions?!

Bonus 2:

On the last page of the ebook you will find a link to a closed Facebook group where you can communicate with other motivated people like yourself. You will be able to ask questions and I or someone experienced from the group will help you out.

Asked Questions

If it is so valuable why the price is only €24?

There are two pricing models. I could choose a higher price and therefore less people would buy it, or I could put a lower price and it would be in the pocket of everyone who needs it. I wrote it with the idea that it will help freelancers, small businesses and people who are just starting out with online marketing or are not satisfied with their results. I wanted price not to be a stopper in making a purchase decision.

How long will the book be up-to-date? Everything is constantly changing, isn't it?

It absolutely is, and that is why the book is in digital format. When Google makes some algorithm changes or some interface changes, the book will be updated. And due to the fact that it is digital, anyone who bought it before will receive the updated version for free, and in the email, I will also indicate in which chapter the new information is. This way you will always have the current version of the book. Something that is impossible with a printed edition.

Is the book only digital?

Yes. Besides the benefit of the previous question, there are many links to follow and a paper edition would be extremely inconvenient. Also, all the examples are in color, which would increase the price a lot if it were to be issued in color print. I preferred the book to be accessible to more people. And I will be very happy if you write me to share a review of the book, what was useful for you and what results it led to!

Will I become a professional or a marketing guru after reading the book?

I wish so, but no! The book will give you the foundation, the understanding of the terminology, what is done after what, why this sequence, how you can improve the results, what to test. It teaches you a way of thinking. It is up to you to do the tasks at the end of each chapter, test different approaches and read further. The secret is in the practice, and the book will guide you in the process.

Get the ebook now and start building your brighter future while having me and our secret community one click away, motivating and supporting you.