Marketing and
SEO consultations

Are you wondering how to create an effective website that will bring you more sales? And maybe which advertising channel is right for your business? Or how to set up your paid ads so that you have the maximum profit at a lower cost?

There Is an Easier and Faster Way

Imagine for a minute what it would be like to talk about your current project and challenges to someone who had already figured it out. Instead of trying to invent the wheel, you would be able to “borrow” their experience and use their working strategies.

Imagine creating your website, optimizing it, setting a paid ad campaign on Facebook or Google, and suddenly you hit a rock. A setting, a question, a tool, a technique you don’t know how to use or how to proceed. What if you had a specialist – just a chat or phone call away, who you could ask directly about what you need? What if you could ask what is the right move specifically for your business and situation?

I love the saying: Work smarter, not harder

So why choose the hard and slow way of doing it alone when you can take the faster line with a hint from a specialist?

What Can the Consultation Include?

  • Audit the current marketing strategy of your business – what works, what doesn’t, and what new to apply.
  • Site optimization plan – how to attract more potential customers from Google and convert them into buyers.
  • Website development strategy – domain, URL structure, keywords, site elements, etc, so you build your website in a way that your potential clients and Google will love it.
  • Improvement of your Google and Facebook paid ads results so you can increase the profit and lower the cost.
  • Discussions about your Google Ads, SEO, Social Network marketing, online reputation, etc.
  • Screen share – if you want us to make some changes to your website or ads during the consultation.
  • Brainstorming a specific digital marketing case you brought up.

I Am Here for You

It is not easy to create a business on your own or make one successful. I know it from experience. It’s more budget-friendly to hire a marketing consultant who can guide you from the start, save you time and prevent you from making some quite expensive mistakes. Just imagine how much faster and easier you can grow your business if you had a specialist to guide you in the right direction.  

When traveling by car, we usually use navigation to reach our destination faster and more pleasant. But when it comes to our business – we choose the bumpy, longer ride. Well, I offer you to be your GPS in the world of business so you can reach Success Land faster and happier.


All of them include one phone call up to 60 minutes per week and answering questions via email twice per week for the length of the package.

Package 4 weeks


Package 8 weeks


Package 12 weeks


Sign up for a 15-minute free discovery call, so we can discuss what you need, find out whether we are a good fit to work together, and if so, which package will be best for you