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Comparison of the Best Free and Paid Keyword Research Tools in 2023 (tables with features and prices included)

Iskra Evtimova

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There are a lot, and we mean a lot of different keyword research tools on the internet. They range from simple word-generating platforms to elaborate AI-like products. All have their own specifics, weak and strong points, and additional features. It will take you close to a month to research at least the top ones to make an informative decision on which one to buy and use. And we know this because we have already done it. We worked day and night to save you time and effort to present you with a full-price and feature comparison of the most popular paid and free keyword research tools for 2023. Yep, we really did that.

The information we offer you is systemized into five main categories to help you navigate through this large pool of information:

  • Our overall champions are in different categories based on the number of features, data presentation, metric updates, and usefulness. If you don’t want to read for each and every tool listed here, just take our word for granted and trust us on our top picks.
  • A comparison table that will help you determine the right tool to use, depending on your level of expertise and your needs – newbies, professionals, copywriters, and business owners. It will save you a lot of reading time and guide you toward the most suitable products.
  • An overview of the basic tool features and metrics, including the metrics you get when doing research, with screenshots for every tool so you can visually imagine how they look.
  • A side-by-side comparison of the pros and cons of each tool and our honest opinion about it.
  • A monster of a comparison table containing information about all of the keyword research features, plans, and prices for each tool. Yes, you can find it all in one table. No need to go through all the websites and compare 20-30 tabs.

Are you ready to step up your game, elevate your content, find the best-ranking keywords with low difficulty, and gain head positions in the SERP? These free and paid tools will certainly help you do it.

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that this article contains some affiliate links. However, don’t let this fool you, as we have tested and used each tool and are confident in their abilities and user benefits.

1. Our Top Picks for Keyword Research Tools

There is a lot you can choose from when it comes to Keyword Research tools. Depending on your business and needs, different products can be beneficial for you. There is no one ultimate solution. However, some tools are just better than the rest, so here are our top picks.

1.1 Top Multifunctional Keyword Research Tool: Semrush

Semrush is a complex SEO solution that assists in every aspect of the optimization process. It is not limited to just keyword research but can provide you with the full picture. The metrics it offers are as exact as they can be, with data being updated constantly. Flexible and intuitive, Semrush is at the top of our list based on its reliability, user-friendly design, and many additional features.

1.2 Top Advanced Keyword Research Tool: Serpstat

Serpstat was created to help both newbies and professionals with their in-depth keyword research. Although it has additional functions like Rank Tracking and Site Audit, its keyword analysis is the one that is the most popular. If you are an SEO professional, there is no way you don’t use Serpstat. And if you are not, why are you missing out on such a beneficial opportunity? You can easily gain front positions on the SERP, discover new niche keywords, and keep your sites in check. Serpstat is the keyword research tool every advanced SEO marketer must know how to use.

1.3 Top Tool for SEO Newbies: KWFinder

Keyword optimization is not easy to master as there are many metrics you must learn and constantly track. Thankfully KWFinder’s user-friendly design and intuitive screens are easy to navigate and don’t overflow with information. The short learning curve makes this tool perfect for first-time users or SEO newbies, as the data is systemized to allow it to be analyzed faster. Our advice for junior optimizers is to take it slowly and rely on KWFinder, as you can learn a lot from this tool.

1.4 Top Keyword Research Tool for Content Creators: TwinWord Ideas

TwinWord Ideas is unique when it comes to generating and discovering new keywords and phrases. The tool specializes in searching for low-difficulty words that can give your site that golden push it needs to rank in the top 10. And we are not exaggerating. TwinWords Ideas has a secret weapon – the LSI Keywords feature. And if you don’t know what LSI keywords are, check out this explanation from Backlinko. TwinWords Ideas will make the job of every copywriter 10 times easier as it will give you the right keywords to impress both your audience and Google.

1.5 Top Affordable Multifunctional Keyword Research Tool: Rank Tracker

SEO PowerSuite includes four desktop tools, each aimed at a specific aspect of SEO: Rank Tracker for keyword research and tracking, WebSite Auditor for onsite and on-page optimization, SEO SpyGlass for checking backlink profiles, and LinkAssistant for link-building and outreach. All four features are focused on keyword optimization. The Rank Tracker can measure organic traffic and rankings, whereas the WebSite Auditor provides technical and content optimization data. All the tools share a similar interface, features, and metrics.

1.6 Top Totally Free Tool: Google Keyword Planner

There is no surprise here. Google Keyword Planner is still the most widely used free tool. Regardless of whether you need it for your Google Ads campaign or rely on it to generate some new keyword suggestions, this tool is one of the essentials in your SEO arsenal.

2. Comparison Table Matching the Right Keyword Research Tool to the Ideal User

To help you choose the right tool, we have also prepared a simple comparison table with our user recommendations. Use it to match the product to your current needs, and check out the tools you are interested in. We have divided the user pool into 5 categories:

  • SEO expert / SEO agency – People with experience in site optimization who possess the necessary knowledge and seek a tool to help them maximize their profits.
  • SEO newbie – People who are just starting with SEO and are currently in the process of learning the basic skills needed to succeed. Usually, they need a simpler tool to help them understand how all metrics are connected.
  • SEO Copywriter – Content creators and bloggers who need a product to help them elevate their copy.
  • PPC marketer – Advertisers that need help developing successful paid campaigns. The keyword research tools they are looking for can offer accurate PPC metrics.
  • Independent SEO users – Those are business owners who desire to do their own SEO and don’t want to rely on agencies’ help. The tools they need are usually not over-complicated with on-point reports.

Note that one tool can be useful for multiple categories of users. The ✔ signifies the most suitable product-user match. However, depending on your situation, there are always exceptions. Make sure to mark your goals before you seek a keyword tool. For example, you may be a highly experienced professional who needs a reliable source of keywords for their content. In this case, you need to look in the column marked “SEO Copywriter.”

Note: The table is mobile-friendly, meaning the first row and column are “frozen,” so you can freely swipe left/right or up/down.

Tool SEO expert / SEO agency SEO Newbie SEO Copywriter PPC marketer Independent SEO Users


Rank Tracker


KWFinder (Mangools)

Keyword Revealer

Keyword Tool Dominator

Long Tail Pro

TwinWord Ideas


Answer the Public

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer



Moz Keyword Explorer




Google Keyword Planner

Google Trends


WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool

3. Price and Functionality Comparison Table with the Most Popular Keyword Research Tools in 2023

Now let’s explore in detail the subscription plans and features of the most popular keyword research tools for 2023. We have included all of the products regardless if they are paid or free. Our goal is to make your job easier by giving you all the information in one place. It is up to you to pick the tool that makes the most sense for your particular situation. Most paid tools on our list have either a free trial or a free visitor account. That is an excellent opportunity to try and test their capabilities for yourself. Remember, you are not obligated to buy or use any of the products if you are unhappy with their performance. And if you try a tool for a few months and decide it is not the right one, you can always cancel the subscription and try another product. With that being said, now take your time and explore all possibilities by examining each row and column.

Disclaimer: For this article, we are looking only at the tools directly related to keyword research. Some products like Ahrefs or SEMrush can have different limits when it comes to site audit, link building, keyword exploring, etc.


With that out of the way, let’s check the pros and cons of each tool.

3.1 Semrush

Payment option: Paid
Plans:  Pro – $99.95/month; Guru – $191.62/month; Business – $374.95/month;
Trial option: Free 7-day trial for the Pro or Guru plan

Semrush is one of the top tools for keyword and competitor research. You can easily get detailed information about all the relevant words your competition uses. The tool has multiple features and provides detailed user guides and video lessons. You can even acquire free training from Semrush experts.

Semrush screen

3.1.1 Functionalities

➤ Semrush offers over 55 tools and reports.

➤ The keyword research module consists of 6 different tools – Keyword Overview, Organic Research, Keyword Magic Tool, Keyword Gap, Keyword Manager, and Organic Traffic Insights

➤ In addition to the keyword analysis tools, your plan will include different features from the other modules – On-page SEO, Competitor Analysis, Content Marketing, Local SEO, Rank Tracking, Social Media Marketing, Link Building, Competitor SEO Analysis, Content Creation and Distribution, Content Optimization, Content Marketing Analysis, Market Analysis, Paid Advertising, Competitor PR Monitoring, PPC Keyword Research, and Website Monetization.

➤ The creators of the software have also released a couple of Chrome extensions. You can link your Semrush account with the SEOquake plugin to acquire even more data from your competitors. This extension can show you the most valuable keywords with their metrics of a particular page.

3.1.2 Pros

✔ You receive a complete keyword, website, and competitor analysis. Semrush offers you all the possible metrics you would ever need.

✔ It provides both organic and PPC information.

✔ Semrush has a lot of built-in reports that you can use.

✔ The platform is very intuitive, and you will have no problem getting used to it.

✔ You receive a complete SEO solution. Semrush is one of the most powerful, if not the best, multifunctional tools for research and analysis. You don’t need to invest in any other software.

✔ In retrospect, buying a complex tool like Semrush is way cheaper than purchasing two or three different products for link building, buckling analysis, etc., with no integration between them. You receive great value for your money.

✔ Semrush has one of the largest databases, with over 21.1 billion keywords in the Keyword Magic tool and more than 43 trillion links in the backlink database.

✔ The software offers more daily searches and reports than other tools, regardless of the plan.

✔ If you are not satisfied with something, you can request customization.

3.1.3 Cons

✖ At first, you can get flustered due to its many functionalities and menus.

✖ Some features are restricted to the projects, which are limited in each plan.

✖ If you own a large international corporation and a big SEO team, you may have to pay extra for adding users, different locations, or highly specific reports.

✖ Semrush gives you data only for Google. So if you want to optimize your site for searches in Bing or Yandex, it is not the ideal fit.

Semrush is a multifunctional tool that can help you better your SEO in every aspect possible. Intuitive and flexible, it is truly the best on the market. Every part of the tool is designed to be useful and efficient and provide the freshest metrics possible. The information is presented in a well-systemized way, so you won’t feel confused and buried in copious amounts of data. The tool is ideal for SEO companies with multiple clients and larger enterprises.

Start your Free Semrush trial

3.2 Serpstat

Payment option: Freemium
Plans: Lite – $55/month; Standard – $119/month; Advanced – $239/month; Enterprise – $399/month;
Trial option: No, however, there is a FREE plan with limited capabilities

Serpstat isn’t just a tool for keyword research. It can also help you with content creation, backlink research, and link building. You can easily obtain the needed phrases and words using the “Organic keywords” report.

Serpstat overview

3.2.1 Functionalities

➤ Serpstat offers 50+ SEO and PPC tools to help you develop and successfully implement your digital marketing strategies.

➤ Once you purchase a plan, you will get free access to the following functionalities: Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Rank Tracker, Backlink Analysis, Site Audit, Page Audit, API features, Keyword Clustering and Text Analysis.

➤ The platform has a browser extension called Serpstat Website SEO Checker that can show the number of keywords and their change over time. It has some good page and site metrics as well.

3.2.2 Pros

✔ The user interface is easy to navigate, and the menus are intuitive, with each one giving you the exact amount of necessary information.

✔ You receive detailed training materials and guides.

✔ Serpstat is a great tool for Local SEO and keyword research, as it can find great niche terms and phrases.

✔ Social signals for keywords are available.

✔ One handy feature is the large number of keywords you can track.

✔ Serpstat offers unique functionalities missing in other SEO tools, like Missing Keywords and the Search Question Feature.

✔ The keyword clustering function can be helpful when examining a specific branch of your targeted market.

✔ The reports are not filled with an overpowering amount of information. They are easy to understand and contain detailed enough data to serve your purpose.

✔ Great price for what you get.

✔ Depending on your needs, you can request the Serpstat team to add different filters or features. If it is possible, they will gladly aid you.

3.2.3 Cons

✖ The tool can be a little slow when it comes to daily updating all of the metrics.

✖ Users report that sometimes the keyword difficulty is not accurate.

✖ The daily limits may not be sufficient, and you will be forced to opt for a more expensive plan.

Serpstat is a great fit for business owners who want to optimize their company’s websites and SEO agencies searching for a reliable tool to help them with their day-to-day research.

Try Serpstat for free

3.3 Rank Tracker(SEO PowerSuite)

Payment option: Paid
Plans:  Free – $0/month; Professional – $299/year; Enterprise – $499/year;
Trial option: No, however, there is a free plan with limited capabilities

SEO PowerSuite is among the most popular companies offering SEO tools, and the Rank Tracker is the one dedicated to keyword analysis and tracking. It is important to note that, unlike most software in our list, the SEO PowerSuite solutions are desktop-based, meaning you install them on your own devices.

RankTracker overview

3.3.1 Functionalities

➤ The software combines 20+ functionalities like Autocomplete Tools, Related Searches, Word Mixer, TF-IDF, and more.

➤ With the purchase of a Rank Tracker plan, you will also get access to Rank tracking, Content, Backlink Analysis, Technical SEO, Competition Research, and SEO reports.

3.3.2 Pros

✔ Rank Tracker drives keyword stats from multiple sources: popular search engines, YouTube, Amazon, mobile search, etc.

✔ The tool can analyze both organic and PPC keywords.

✔ You can track keywords in more than 145 search engines.

✔ Rank Tracker has this great functionality called Keyword Sandbox. It allows you to store and arrange your previously researched keywords.

✔ Regardless of the plan, there are no limits to the number of tracked keywords and created projects.

✔ You can schedule different keyword tasks that will automatically run whenever you want them to. The system will email you a detailed report with its findings.

✔ All offered tools can be purchased as a bundle or as a standalone tool.

✔ Rank Tracker offers an extensive library of free training guides and materials that will speed up the learning process.

✔ All Rank Tracker’s SEO reports are fully customizable, white-label, and look good across all screen sizes.

3.3.3 Cons

✖ It can be a little slow when dealing with large databases.

✖ The tool has a bit of a learning curve, as it has multiple functionalities and can be confusing at first.

✖ Each tool needs to be downloaded and installed on your device.

✖ Not an integrated platform, meaning you set up each tool individually.

✖ Since this is desktop-based software, your devices’ performance can affect the way the tool works.

✖ Users report problems with the quality of customer support and the way delicate topics like payments and personal data are being handled.

✖ The software is not very compatible with macOS devices and has problems loading properly.

Rank Tracker is a versatile tool that can be used by professionals and newbies in conducting detailed keyword analysis and discovering new optimization possibilities. With its many functionalities and diverse database options, this keyword research software can help you gather data from multiple different sources, observe your competitors’ performance, and track your SERP rankings. In addition, you can benefit from multiple free user manuals that will aid you in better understanding the logic of the software and improve your SEO skills.

Check out Rank Tracker

3.4 SЕCockpit

Payment option: Freemium
Plans:  Personal – $25/month; Pro – $42/month; Agency – $75/month;
Trial option: Free 7-day trial

SECockpit is the child of SwissMadeMarketing and is widely used by SEO professionals. The tool provides valuable information that can be applied in content creation, data optimization, ad campaigns, and more. It is as versatile as a Swiss army knife, providing its users with the full keyword profile of the research term.

SE Cockpit Overview

3.4.1 Functionalities

➤ SECockpit is a specialized keyword research tool, and as such, it provides a wide range of related features – Keyword Analysis, Keyword Ideas, Competition Analysis, and Keyword Organisation.

➤ In addition to the keyword research functionalities, you will also receive access to the RankTracker tool.

3.4.2 Pros

✔ SECockpit is cloud-based, meaning you don’t need to install it on your devices. It ensures the software will run smoothly, get regular updates, and you can use multiple electronics to work with it.

✔ The software is exceptionally fast, with the ability to get up to 200 fully analyzed keywords per minute. Similar keyword research tools can take up to 2 minutes to process one keyword.

✔ The tool focuses not only on finding keywords but also on in-depth research. SECockpit has multiple functionalities dedicated to keyword comparison, gap analysis, performance tracking, and more.

✔ SECockpit is unique in its way of presenting the data in a synthesized manner, allowing you to create multiple research templates within the same screen.

✔ The software can generate data useful for SEO and PPC campaigns.

✔SECockpit has a mobile application that can help you do your research from your smartphone or tablet while you are on the go.

3.4.3 Cons

✖ Their plans can come as a bit pricey, especially compared with the other keyword tools in our list.

✖ Its interface looks a bit old-school and not as intuitive. Users report that it “needs more improvement.”

✖ There are only four available integrations with SECockpit – Google, Google Keyword Planner, Amazon, and YouTube.

✖ SECockpit has a steep learning curve as the tool offers multiple functionalities and reports. It is not a “hard” tool per se, but there is so much it can offer that you can easily confuse.

✖ You need to register your card to benefit from the free trial. Remember to cancel it before the due date, or else you will be billed the full amount of the plan.

As you can see, SECockpit is pretty amazing when it comes to keyword research and analysis. If you are searching for a keyword research power tool, we strongly advise you to consider SECockpit. The software is suitable for newbies, experienced SEO professionals, and PPC and ads experts.

Check out SECockpit

3.5 KWFinder (Mangools)

Payment option: Paid
Plans:  Basic – $29.90/month; Premium – $44.90/month; Agency – $89.90/month;
Trial option: Free 10-day trial

KWFinder specializes in researching and offering the most relevant short and long-tail words depending on your needs. It is quite easy to use. You just have to write the term you want to research, choose your location and language, and press “Find Keywords.” The informational panel that will pop up contains all the basic info you need to start your analysis.

KW finder overview

3.5.1 Functionalities

➤ Once you choose a plan, you not only subscribe to KWFinder but also get access to the other tools offered by Mangools – SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, SiteProfiler, and LinkMiner. The latter is included in our chart for the top backlink research tools for 2023, so you can hop there and see its detailed review.

➤ Some of the most notable functionalities of KWFinder include bulk export and import, keyword lists, local research, multiple filters, and more.

➤ Its keyword tracking capabilities are outstanding. It can check and report for up to 1 500 words/month.

3.5.2 Pros

✔ KWFinder is ideal for newbies as it offers the ideal amount of insight to get the job done and not feel lost or overwhelmed by the countless rows of information.

✔ The software is very intuitive and easy to use.

✔ KWFinder can generate keywords using the Google Autocomplete API, allowing you to discover new, profitable long-tail keywords

✔ The learning curve is practically non-existent.

✔ You get great value for your money, as the software is one of the cheapest paid tools on our list but offers a surprisingly large variety of functionalities.

3.5.3 Cons

✖ Lacking when it comes to keyword competitor research and more advanced SEO analysis.

✖ Due to its limited capabilities KWFinder is not suitable for big companies.

✖ KWFinders offers only a 2-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t have enough time to test it out and decide whether the software is suitable for your needs.

✖ Although its tracking capabilities are amazing, the keyword results are limited, and often you can’t perform a proper in-depth analysis.

✖ Users report that sometimes keyword metrics “are a little off” compared to those presented by other more advanced tools like Moz and Semrush.

KWFinder uses trusted metrics developed by SEO pioneers to provide its users with the most reliable data. It may not be as multifunctional as the one Semrush offers or has such in-depth competitor keyword research, but it is certainly one of the best tools for generating fresh word suggestions. KWFinder can be extremely useful for newbies who are just starting to learn the importance and correlation between keywords and URL rankings.

Start your free KWFinder trial

3.6 Keyword Revealer

Payment option: Freemium
Plans: Basic – $12.50/month; Pro – $17.50/month; Elite – $29.50/month;
Trial option: No, however, there is a FREE plan with limited capabilities

The Keyword Revealer is designed to find easy-to-rank long-tail words and phrases that will help you obtain better positions on the SERP. The tool allows you to evaluate the terms using metrics from reputable sources like Moz and Alexa and make a competitive backlink analysis.

Keyword Revealer overview

3.6.1 Functionalities

➤ Keyword Revealer has five main features that you receive once you subscribe to it – Keyword Research, Keyword Brainstorming, Rank Tracker, Site Analysis, and Backlink Analysis.

➤ The “Keyword Brainstorming” tool is a unique feature that can help you discover great long-tail keyword ideas for Google or YouTube.

➤ Keyword Reveale’s database consists of up to 10 trillion backlinks, with 2.8 trillion unique URLs crawled daily.

3.6.2 Pros

✔ The tool is user-friendly and intuitive, not cramped with too much data but enough to conduct proper keyword research.

✔ Keyword Revealer doesn’t require a long learning time.

✔ There is almost no way you wouldn’t be able to find the keywords you are looking for. The tool has multiple filter options, and you can even set multiple locations.

✔ You can create keyword lists and store or download them.

✔ You will receive precise data at a very comfortable and inexpensive price.

3.6.3 Cons

✖ The tool has its limitations as it provides information only for the top 10 pages

✖ The whole research process can take a long time since some features are manual, and you can evaluate only 3 words at the same time.

✖ The software uses unique metrics for its in-depth competitor analysis, and although that is great, the user can’t see the search volume or CPC of the words from the get-go. It seems that the creators of the tool missed the mark on this one.

✖ You need to manually determine the keyword difficulty of each keyword, as the system can’t generate it automatically.

✖ The provided data is not always up to date or adequate.

✖ If you want to get access to multiple analysis options, you need to upgrade, as the free and basic plans are extremely limited when it comes to functionalities.

The Keyword Revealer is suitable for all SEO professionals regardless of their experience and especially for content creators. From keyword tracking to daily evaluations and competitive analysis, the Keyword Revealer will provide you with reliable data.

Check out Keyword Revealer

3.7 Keyword Tool Dominator

Payment option: Freemium
Plans:  There are none; you can buy the tools for life – Keyword Tool Suite Bundle – $26.82;
Trial option: No, however, there is a FREE online plan with limited capabilities

Keyword Tool Dominator is quite different from the other suggested SEO products on our list. To use the free version, you need to download its Google Chrome Extension. Then comes its enormous database combining insights from the biggest search engines like Google, Bing, and Amazon.

Keyword Tool Dominator overview

3.7.1 Functionalities

➤ One of the software’s unique features is its multiple paid tools that target each specific source of data:

  • Amazon Keyword Tool
  • eBay Keyword Tool
  • Etsy Keyword Tool
  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Bing Keyword Tool
  • Google Shopping Keyword Tool
  • Walmart Keyword Tool
  • YouTube Keyword Tool

➤ You get unlimited keyword suggestions, real-time keyword searches, and keyword downloads.

3.7.2 Pros

✔ You can cross-reference the words and end up in the top results of multiple search engines

✔ There is no subscription plan. You only buy the tool once and receive a lifetime of free updates and services

✔ Keyword tool Dominator is simply-built and has an easy-to-use interface.

✔ One of the best tools for finding relevant product keywords and product listing optimization.

✔ The software provides detailed data for SEO and PPC keywords

3.7.3 Cons

✖ You need to install a plug-in to use the tool, and it only works on Google Chrome.

✖ The software’s free version falls a little flat, as the data is insufficient if you want to conduct a proper keyword research analysis.

✖ It is unsuitable for newbies as they can get confused in the large pool of information.

If you want to conquer a specific niche and find the most suitable long-tail keywords for your YouTube or Amazon campaign, the Keyword Tool Dominator is the right choice.

Visit Keyword Tool Dominator

3.8 Long Tail Pro

Payment option: Paid
Plans:  Starter – $45/month; Pro – $67.50/month; Agency – $225/month;
Trial option: Free 7-day trial for either the Starter or Pro plans

Long Tail Pro is a multifunctional tool that allows you to research keywords and URLs. Its user-friendly design and light menus are well organized and make working with it a very enjoyable experience. You don’t have to wonder what this or that does or where to find a particular report. The Keyword Research Feature is well-developed and offers sufficient data.

Long Tail Pro overview

3.8.1 Functionalities

➤ Long Tail Pro is a multifunctional SEO tool that you to access multiple other functions. You can use SERP Analysis, Rank Tracker, and Backlink Analysis to track multiple keywords per month (up to 400).

➤The tool combines metrics from different sources like Amazon, Google Ads, Majestic, etc.

3.8.2 Pros

✔ You can research words by using multiple keywords or different domains.

✔ The software is well-made and intuitive and doesn’t require a long time to learn how to use it.

✔ It has a comprehensive and well-made video guide that will teach all the tricks you will need to use this complex tool to its full potential.

✔ Users report that the software can pull unique keywords that other software overlooks or completely skips, making it an irreplaceable tool for finding long-tail, low-competition keywords.

✔ You can track multiple keywords and use lists to systemize your most important terms and phrases.

3.8.3 Cons

✖ You can’t create projects like other tools on our list allow you to do. So you cannot gather, group, and organize information around a specific topic, client, competitor, or query.

✖ The tool has a lot of limits in its plans, and if you want to do complete in-depth keyword research, you might need to pay a substantial amount.

✖ Long Tail Pro doesn’t offer information about the search volume trend of the examined and generated keywords.

Long Tail Pro is an excellent solution for small and mid-sized companies that don’t need to work with large amounts of data. It suits business owners who wish to do their own SEO and not rely on external agencies. Long Tail Pro will help you create and apply your optimization strategy and gain steady organic traffic toward your site.

Try Long Tail Pro for free

3.9 TwinWord Ideas

Payment option: Freemium
Plans:  Plus – $12/month; Pro – $24/month; Agency – $59/month;
Trial option: No, however, there is a FREE plan with limited capabilities

TwinWord Ideas has been gaining popularity among digital marketers and content creators for its robust features and ease of use. With its advanced algorithms and natural language processing capabilities, this tool enables you to discover relevant and high-traffic keywords that can help improve your search engine rankings, drive traffic to your website, and increase your online visibility.

TwinWord Ideas overview

3.9.1 Functionalities

➤ TwinWord Ideas has some unique features when it comes to keyword research:

  • Popular Topics – You can filter and discover new words using the AI segmentation and grouping functionality of the tool
  • Keyword And Title Score – This shows you which keywords to use in your titles and which – in the body.
  • User Intent – The tool groups keywords by user intent
  • Pattern Filter – It will help you discover search patterns in the proposed keywords
  • Relevance Score – Thanks to AI technology, the tool can tell you how relevant each keyword is to the users’ search query.

➤ One of its most remarkable paid features, which we haven’t seen in many other tools, is its LSI Keyword functionality. The software will generate terms in a couple of different categories from which you can choose depending on your goals:

  • Broad Terms – List of more general and abstract words. For example, with the search term “sushi,” you will get “Asian food” or “Japanese dish.”
  • Narrow Terms – List of more specific words. For example, if your seed word is “sushi,” you will get terms like “food,” “fish,” etc.
  • Related Terms – List of words that are related in meaning. For example, “house move” can relate to “household,” “home,” “new address,” etc.
  • Evocations – Words that bring something to mind with the seed keyword. For example, “germs,” “dust, “or “vacuum ” are evocations of the word “cleaning.”
  • Synonyms – A list of similar words; for example, with a seed word “moving,” you will get synonyms, like “relocating” or “removal.”
  • Association – Those are words found in similar contexts. For example, if your seed keyword is “house removals,” “housing” will be an association term.

3.9.2 Pros

✔ TwinWord Ideas is simply built and can provide you with the most essential information.

✔ The learning curve is short, and the tool is intuitive, with additional features depending on your plan.

✔ You can easily navigate the menus and won’t get lost on multiple screens, like with Ubersuggest or MozKeyword Explorer. It is a big deal, especially for SEO newbies unsure which metrics to look at and how to formulate a working strategy.

✔ TwinWord Ideas is suitable for discovering user intent and strong long-tail words.

3.9.3 Cons

✖ If you are searching for a tool to help you with your paid campaigns, this is not it. TwinWord Ideas is directed towards creating a better copy.

TwinWord Ideas is ideal for content creators and bloggers. There is no way you will ever suffer from writer’s blockage with such a diverse plethora of generated topics and keywords.

Have a look at TwinWord Ideas

3.10 WordTracker

Payment option: Paid
Plans: Bronze – $17/month; Silver – $38/month; Gold- $54/month;
Trial option: Free 7-day trial for all plans

WordTracker is the ideal tool for discovering words with a low keyword difficulty that you can rank for. It uses not only data from Google but also Amazon and YouTube. You can easily find related long-tail words and phrases your competitors are not trending for.

WordTracker overview

3.10.1 Functionalities

➤ The tool can show you Search trends, SEO competition metrics, a SERP comparison, and a Negative keyword search.

➤ Wordtracker works with multiple databases, including Google, YouTube, and Amazon.

3.10.2 Pros

✔ WordTracker, true to its name, has an outstanding keyword-tracking capability.

✔ The interface is easy to navigate once you get used to it.

✔ Thanks to its regular database updates, the software provides reliable daily information on multiple metrics.

✔ WordTracker has a strong focus on finding power and long-tail keywords.

✔ The tool can be successfully used with Google Keyword Planner to boost your ad performance, as WordTracker can also show you negative keywords.

✔ Easy to work, but even if you feel confused, you can use a large database of teaching materials.

3.10.3 Cons

✖ The software cannot perform detailed keyword competitor analysis.

✖ WordTracker can be a bit slow when generating large amounts of data.

✖ The software is not a sufficient stand-alone PPC tool.

✖ Live customer support is available only during UK business hours, significantly slowing problem-solving.

Despite its limitations, WordTracker can still be an effective tool for those looking for a straightforward keyword research solution. It provides valuable insights into the behavior of their target audience and helps create content optimized for search engines. With its combination of accuracy, speed, and ease of use, WordTracker remains a viable option for those looking to enhance their online visibility and drive more traffic to their websites.

Check out WordTracker

3.11 Answer the Public

Payment option: Freemium
Plans: Free -$0/month; Individual- $99/lifetime; Pro – $79/month; Expert – $149/month;
Trial option: No, however, there is a FREE plan with limited capabilities

Whether you are a content creator, digital marketer, or SEO specialist, Answer the Public is a tool that can help you gain a better understanding of your target audience. Unlike traditional keyword research tools, it presents its data in a visual format, helping users to identify trends and patterns in search behavior. The software is suitable for newbies and SEO pros and has to offer a lot.

Answer the Public overview

3.11.1 Functionalities

➤ With the pro plan, you can monitor and set alerts for new keyword suggestions, compare data over time, organize your keywords in folders, and hide unwanted suggestions and branches.

3.11.2 Pros

✔ Answer the public offers you the most popular questions and phrases people use when searching in Google and Bing.

✔ It is one of the easiest tools to use for generating long-tail keywords and phrases.

✔ The user-friendly interface makes the research quite an enjoyable experience.

✔ Answer the public is one of the best tools for identifying user intent

3.11.3 Cons

✖ Answer the Public was recently acquired by Neal Patel, significantly changing the payment options and their limitations. For example, the export results are now limited to 30 per search (they were unlimited).

✖ The tool doesn’t display any additional SEO metrics and is insufficient as stand-alone keyword research software.

✖ The free daily searches are limited to only 3 per user

✖ The paid plans come off as a bit expensive

✖ If you want to receive quality features, you need to use the paid pro plan.

Answer the Public offers a fresh perspective on keyword research and can help content creators understand user intent. Its ease of use and affordable pricing make it accessible to a wide range of users, and while it may not be the most comprehensive tool on the market, it can still provide valuable insights into the search behavior of a target audience.

Have a look at Answer the Public

3.12 Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Payment option: Paid
Plans:  Lite – $83/month; Standard – $166/month; Advanced – $333/month; Agency – $833/month
Trial option:  No

Ahrefs’ products are amongst the top SEO tools, as they can provide you with detailed site and keyword analysis and search engine insights. The Keyword Explorer is focused on keyword research and is one of the features you will get with the paid version.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer overview

3.12.1 Functionalities

➤ Ahrefs is one of the best multifunctional SEO tools in the world, and as such, it can offer you a complete solution – from keyword and backlink analysis to rank tracking and gap analysis

➤ The tool has a vast database of over 10 billion keywords, making it one of the most comprehensive keyword research tools available.

3.12.2 Pros

✔ You can create a complete analysis without the need to use any other supporting SEO product.

✔ The tool allows users to filter keywords based on metrics such as search volume, keyword difficulty, and traffic potential, making it easy to identify high-value keywords.

✔ The software provides users with insights into their competitors’ keyword strategy, enabling them to identify gaps and opportunities in their strategy.

3.12.3 Cons

✖ Ahrefs can come across as hard to understand and cramped with complex reports and data. It can be overwhelming for SEO newbies to work with it.

✖ The speed can get a bit slow when managing large amounts of data

✖ The tool is a bit expensive, especially for smaller businesses and freelancers.

✖ The number of keyword reports allowed in the smaller plans may be insufficient.

✖ A couple of important features are included only in the higher-tier plans.

✖ Unlike some other keyword research tools, Ahrefs does not provide historical data on search volume, which may limit the ability to identify long-term trends.

✖ The tool does not offer the ability to group keywords by topic or theme. This can make it difficult to organize and analyze large keyword lists.

✖ Their credit system can be confusing for first-time users, and you might pay significantly more than you anticipated.

As you can see, the Keyword Explorer can offer you a lot. However, the tool can get a bit overwhelming if you are in a hurry and want to do a quick check. That is why we recommend it for detailed analysis and competition comparison. First-time users or SEO newbies may find it hard to use to its full potential.

Try Ahrefs

3.13 GrowthBar

Payment option: Paid
Plans:  Standard – $29/month; Pro – $79/month; Agency – $129/month
Trial option: Free 5-day trial for all plans

GrowthBar is an intuitive, user-friendly, and multifunctional SEO tool. You can conduct keyword research, analyze your backlinks, and grow your ad campaigns. You won’t get as much data as from SEMrush, but the price is quite good for the functionalities GrowthBar offers.

GrowthBar overview

3.13.1 Functionalities

➤ GrowthBar uses Open AI’s GPT-3 API to generate content outlines, blog ideas, and paragraphs.

➤ In addition to the Keyword research tool, you also receive access to the following:

  • AI Writing Article Generator Tool
  • AI Blog Outlines
  • Audit Blog Content with AI
  • AI Paragraph Rewriter
  • Meta Description Generator
  • AI Blog Idea Generator
  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Ranking Tracking Tool

3.13.2 Pros

✔ GrowthBar is ideal for content creators, freelancers, and small businesses

✔ The tool provides all the keyword research metrics you need to perform basic analysis.

✔ The software offers a Google Chrome extension

3.13.3 Cons

✖ GrowthBar has limited API access compared to other keyword research tools, making integration with other marketing tools difficult.

✖ If you are an experienced SEO professional, you may find GrowthBar a little light when it comes to the data it offers.

✖There is a bit of a learning curve, especially with the AI-generated features.

✖ GrowthBar can come across as a little expensive compared to other tools of the same class.

✖ The tool’s keyword data is primarily focused on the US market, which may not be ideal for businesses targeting international markets.

GrowthBar is suitable for small businesses and SEO newbies, as the tool is not overly complicated but, at the same time, offers you a pretty accurate picture of where your site stands. Not to mention with the Content Creator functionality, your copy has practically written itself, making it extremely easy to create valuable content that search engines like.

Visit GrowthBar

3.14 Jaaxy

Payment option: Freemium
Plans: Starter – $0/month; Pro – $49/month; Enterprise – $99/month;
Trial option: No, but the Started plan is completely FREE

Jaaxy is a widely-known keyword research tool among content creators. Its free version is sufficient if you need to find great ideas for long-tail keywords and relative topics. Jaaxy’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it an ideal choice for beginners and advanced users alike.

Jaaxy overview

3.14.1 Functionalities

➤ The software uses multiple databases – Google, Bing, and YouTube.

➤ The Alphabet Soup is a unique functionality that can help you find lucrative product keywords.

3.14.2 Pros

✔ The software is easy to work with and has an intuitive design.

✔ The free plan is sufficient for basic keyword research without needing to upgrade to any paid plans.

✔ Jaxxy comes with an extensive library containing all sorts of guides and training materials.

3.14.3 Cons

✖ The tool cannot distinguish between local and global searches.

✖ The software can sometimes show inaccurate results based on where you are located.

With its ability to generate relevant and high-traffic keywords, the tool can save businesses time and resources while improving their website’s visibility and search engine rankings. While it may not be the cheapest keyword research product on the market, its value for money is undeniable. Overall, Jaaxy is an excellent investment for any business looking to enhance its online presence and achieve long-term success through SEO.

Explore Jaaxy

3.15 Moz Keyword Explorer

Payment option: Freemium
Plans:  Standard – $79/month; Medium – $143/month; Large – $239/month; Premium – $479/month
Trial option: Free 30-day trial for the Medium plan + FREE version of the tool with limited capabilities with no plan attachments.

Moz is one of the leading SEO companies in the world, and naturally, the tools they offer cover the whole site optimization specter. However, for this article, we will be focusing on their Keyword Explorer. It is a multifunctional tool that can provide you with lots of ideas, relevant keyword suggestions, accurate metrics, and detailed analysis.

Moz Keyword Explorer overview

3.15.1 Functionalities

➤ Moz Keyword Explorer offers access to a vast database of over 500 million keywords, providing users with a comprehensive overview of the search landscape for their chosen topic or industry.

➤ The software provides a wide range of advanced keyword metrics that can help you assess the potential value and competitiveness of different keywords, including but not limited to Keyword Difficulty, Organic CTR, and Priority.

➤ Moz Keyword Explorer is part of a suite of SEO tools Moz Pro and Moz Local offers. This integration makes it easy to use Moz Keyword Explorer in conjunction with other tools to optimize your SEO strategy.

3.15.2 Pros

✔ The free version has sufficient keyword research potential and can be used by smaller companies or freelancers that can’t afford the Pro version.

✔ One of the biggest strengths of the tool is its ability to provide accurate search volume data for keywords, allowing you to make informed decisions about which keywords to target in their content and SEO efforts.
✔ With Moz Keyword Explorer, you can easily create and save customized keyword lists, making it easy to track and analyze specific keywords over time.

3.15.3 Cons

✖ Moz Keyword Explorer is one of the most complex tools out there, and as such, the software is cramped with in-depth reports and tons of data. It can get really confusing, really fast. You have to be an SEO professional to use this tool to its full potential.

✖ Sometimes, the menus are a little hard to navigate, and users can easily get lost in the sea of information. The tool is not as intuitive as Semrush, for example.

✖ The software comes with a substantial learning curve, so you have to be prepared to invest a lot of time in familiarizing yourself with its functionalities.

✖ Some reports can be delayed up to 2 weeks from the moment you select the keywords. Although it is understandable that the software needs time to collect the data, it can certainly be frustrating for the users.

The Moz Keyword Explorer allows you to create different word lists and identify the top-ranking terms that will help you win over your competitors. The tool offers a lot of different information in large portions, making it ideal for advanced SEO professionals.

Try Moz Keyword Explorer

3.16 KeywordTool.io

Payment option: Paid
Plans:  Pro Basic – $69/month; Pro Plus – $79/month; Pro Business – $159/month;
Trial option: No

The Keyword Tool is advertised as an ideal alternative to the Google Keyword Planner, and we couldn’t agree more. The tool allows you to check all of the essential metrics while having the opportunity to choose your targeted search engine and database (Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, PlayStore, Instagram, or Twitter).

KeywordTool.io overview

3.16.1 Functionalities

➤ The KeywordTool.io uses multiple databases. You can receive information from Google and Bing, Amazon, YouTube, and more.

➤ According to the tool’s creators, it can provide you with 100% accurate Bing and Google search volume data.

➤ The paid version of KeywordTool.io offers twice as many keywords compared to its free version.

➤ The software can show you multiple keyword metrics that can give you a solid base for your research.

3.16.2 Pros

✔ You can easily research a large number of keywords in bulk.

✔ The KeywordTool.io is easy to work with and has an intuitive design, assisting the speed up of the keyword research process.

✔ The tool is useful in finding on-point keyword suggestions and related words, topics, and questions.

✔ The tool can provide valuable insight into organic and paid search terms.

3.16.3 Cons

✖ The capabilities of the tool are slightly limited as it offers only keyword research data and no extra features.

✖ You can’t use it for advanced keyword analysis.

✖ The tool can come across as a little overpriced especially considering it specializes only in keyword research.

✖ The KeywordTool.io lacks some essential features like keyword rank tracking.

✖ The search volume isn’t always adequate, and more times than none, the system reports 0 volume when that is not true.

While the Google Planner is designed to help you create your paid campaigns and provides you with basic words and phrases, this tool will find you the golden words. These are the low-difficulty, hidden, long-tail keywords that will elevate your copy and rank in the front positions of the SERP.

Check out KeywordTool.io

3.17 Ubersuggest

Payment option: Freemium
Plans:  Individual – $12/month; Business – $20/month; Enterprise/Agency – $40/month;
Trial option: Free 7-day trial for all plans + FREE version of the tool with limited capabilities with no plan attachments.

Ubersuggest was created by one of the SEO pioneers Neil Patel, and as such, it can provide you with detailed analysis. It is a powerful keyword research tool that offers a range of features for users looking to optimize their SEO and PPC efforts. The software provides a comprehensive keyword profile, including search volume, competition, and related keywords.

Ubersuggest overview

3.17.1 Functionalities

➤ Ubersugest offers Backlink Monitoring, Competitive Analysis, Keyword Rank Tracking, Keyword Research Tools, Link Management, and SEO Management.

➤ You can use it to check the state of your domain and the top SEO pages for a given keyword, discover long-tail keywords and new content ideas, and collect and analyze backlink data.

3.17.2 Pros

✔ Ubersuggest offers a wide range of keyword metrics to help you assess the potential value and competitiveness of different terms and phrases.

✔ The tool is an affordable solution for small to medium businesses.

✔ In addition to the basic keyword research functionalities, you can also monitor broken backlinks.

3.17.3 Cons

✖ Due to its many features, Ubersuggest can be a little hard to navigate as has lots of additional menus and screens.

✖The tool is suitable only for English-speaking countries as it doesn’t perform well when it has to produce results in other languages.

✖ Only one account per plan with no option of adding more. This means multiple users can’t log in simultaneously to use the tool.

✖ You can’t transfer data from one account to another.

✖ Lacking social media search data.

✖ Can be overwhelming as the data is presented in large portions.

✖ The tool has difficulties when searching for information related to niche markets.

Ubersuggest is a widely popular keyword research tool and is highly praised by the SEO community. If you are a beginner in this field, we recommend you start by using the free version of the product to get accustomed to it and its many options. Once you feel more comfortable, you can begin exploring Ubersuggest paid functionalities.

See Ubersuggest

3.18 SimilarWeb

Payment option: Freemium
Plans:  Essential – $167/month; Advanced – $292; Custom;
Trial option:  Free 7-day trial for the Essential or Advanced plans, but you need to register with a company email

SimilarWeb is a powerful marketing intelligence software that offers tools for website analysis, audience insights, and competitive research. One of the platform’s key features is its ability to provide detailed keyword data and analysis.

SimilarWeb overview

3.18.1 Functionalities

➤ SimilarWeb is a versatile platform that offers digital research, digital marketing, shopper intelligence, stock intelligence, and sales intelligence.

➤ The tool has a huge database that covers 100M sites and 1B search terms from 190 countries.

➤ The software analyses over 10B content pages to provide you with the most suitable keywords.

3.18.2 Pros

✔ The tool has an intuitive design and is generally easy to work with.

✔ The learning curve is small, and you don’t need a lot of time to become a pro at using the tool.

✔ SimilarWeb is a great solution when it comes to analyzing the user intent of your audience.

✔ The tool provides sufficient keyword metrics to do basic research.

3.18.3 Cons

✖ In comparison with some of the other tools on our list Similarweb provides significantly fewer keyword data than KWFinder, Serpstat, or SECockpit

✖ The tool’s keyword research capabilities are part of a larger suite of marketing intelligence tools, which can be expensive for smaller businesses or individuals. The platform offers various pricing plans, but even entry-level ones may be outside the budget of some users.

✖ SimilarWeb’s keyword research data is primarily focused on North American and European markets, which may not be as useful for businesses targeting audiences in other regions of the world.

✖ The tool doesn’t provide sufficient data from mobile devices.

Overall, SimilarWeb offers a comprehensive suite of keyword research tools that can be valuable for marketers and SEO specialists. However, if you want to improve your search rankings and drive more traffic to your website, our list has more budget-friendly options. For example, KW Finder or SECocpith can provide reliable data, trustworthy metrics, and great competitive analysis capabilities.

Test SimilarWeb

3.19 QuestionDB

Payment option: Freemium
Plans:  Pro – $12.50/month; Agency – $40/month
Trial option: No, however, there is a FREE plan with limited capabilities

QuestionDB is quite similar to Answer the Public, as it can provide you with a large database of questions users seek the answer to.

QuestionDB overview

3.19.1 Functionalities

➤ QuestionDB offers some unique features like the Blog topic ideas generator, making it ideal for content creators.

➤ The tool provides you with the most asked questions from the public and has a huge database – over 48 million queries.

➤You can use the software infinite times, as there are no search limits

3.19.2 Pros

✔ You can get unique FAQs and niche queries that can help your content strategy.

✔ The tool is very affordable, and even its free version is sufficient for discovering the user intent of your target audience.

✔ The software is easy to work with its user-friendly interface and intuitive design.

3.19.3 Cons

✖ You won’t get a lot of metrics, and the software can’t be used as a stand-alone keyword research solution.

✖ Users report that QuestionDB has the tendency to display quite a lot of irrelevant words and phrases.

✖ Although the tool uses a couple of different databases, it relies heavily on Reddit as a primary source of information.

This simply-built and easy-to-use tool is suitable for content creators as it can help them generate lots of new ideas and improve their writing. Although QuestionDB doesn’t show any additional SEO metrics, the provided information can be used to create the structure of your copy and meta titles and descriptions.

Discover new keywords with QuestionDB

3.20 Google Keyword Planner

Payment option: Free
Plans:  n/a
Trial option: n/a

Google Keyword Planner is perhaps the most widely used and known keyword research tool out there. It is a completely free tool that comes as a feature in Google Ads. Even if you don’t have active campaigns or no interest in advertising, you can use the Keyword Planner.

Google Ads Keyword Planer Overview screen

3.20.1 Functionalities

➤ The free software can provide you with different visualizations to make your decision-making easier.

➤ It has an advanced filtering functionality that allows you to filter the information by location (country, county, city), period, and device.

3.20.2 Pros

✔ Since it is a Google product, the information comes straight from the kitchen, so you don’t have to wonder how accurate the displayed data is.

✔ You can research a couple of words at the same time and check out the forecast data about them.

✔ The Keyword Planner can help you generate ideas and reveal new content concepts.

3.20.3 Cons

✖ Google Keyword Planner is designed to find paid ad campaign keywords and therefore lacks organic metrics.

✖ The tool can be hard to navigate at first, as there are a lot of features

✖ The data you receive will be focused more on the phrase and broad matches, and there won’t be many exact match results.

✖ If you haven’t used Google Ads before working with the Keyword Planner, the information in the reports will be more generalized and appear only as suggested ranges like 1k-10k, for example.

The platform is quite useful for generating related keywords and helping you discover or rediscover popular words and phrases. Google Keywords Planner is an essential tool for all SEO and digital marketers, regardless if there are pros or newbies.

Try using Google Keyword Planner

3.21 Google Trends

Payment option: Free
Plans:  n/a
Trial option: n/a

This is yet another completely free keyword research tool courtesy of Google. However, the Planner focuses more on the monetary metrics, whereas Trends is user-orientated. It allows you to see how popular the terms you want to use are. You can track seasonality and observe how the search trends evolve over time.

Google Trends overview

3.21.1 Functionalities

➤The software allows you to check trend variation over a certain period and seasonality, discover differences in search patterns, and more

➤ Google Trends has a comparison option that helps you compare products, keywords, competitors, brands, and so on.

3.21.2 Pros

✔ A completely free Google tool that can provide you with accurate data about the way your brand/product/service is perceived by the public.

✔ The software provides you with easy-to-understand visualizations of the data

✔ With Google Trends, you can compare multiple keywords, so you are not limited to just two or three.

✔ All tables and graphs can be downloaded

✔ Google Trends is essential for determining the user intent of your target audience.

3.21.3 Cons

✖ The values for the search volumes are not exact numbers but a suggested range.

✖ The tool doesn’t provide enough data when it comes to the related keywords.

Google Trends is among the most reliable information sources and keyword research tools. It is helpful to seasoned professionals and SEO newbies. Used on its own, the tool does not provide enough data. However, you can easily combine it with the Keyword Planner or another product to get the full perspective.

Check out Google Trends

3.22 Soovle

Payment option: Free
Plans:  n/a
Trial option: n/a

Soovle is a free keyword research tool that allows you to generate keyword ideas from multiple sources at once. To use it, you simply enter a keyword or phrase, and the software will provide a list of suggested related terms and phrases.

Soovle Overview screen

3.22.1 Functionalities

➤ The tool uses fifteen different databases to ensure it generates the most suitable terms.

➤ You can download an unlimited amount of reports.

➤ Soovle has an image search functionality. For example, you can check which keywords are associated with the image of your brand logo or a specific product.

3.22.2 Pros

✔ The software has a simple, easy-to-understand design.

✔ Soovle is a completely free keyword generator you can use unlimited times.

✔ The tool provides you not only with information collected from Google but also from other sources like Bing, Yahoo, and Amazon

✔ The save and download option is essential when conducting detailed research on a broader topic, and of course, they are also free and unlimited.

✔ Soovle is a great keyword generator to conduct your preliminary research and then check the stats of the already-picked terms and phrases using another software.

3.22.3 Cons

✖ You don’t have any additional metrics, like search volume, difficulty, and PPC.

✖ You won’t get any SEO functionalities – Soovle is only a keyword generator.

✖ This software can’t be used as a stand-alone SEO or keyword research tool.

Overall, Soovle is a great free word generator. When paired with the right keyword analysis tool like Semrush, it can help you find those perfect long-tail keywords that will help you obtain the top spots in the SERP. Easy to use and allowing unlimited searches and data downloads, Soovle is a powerful addition to your SEO arsenal.

Try out Soovle

3.23 WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool

Payment option: Free
Plans:  n/a
Trial option: n/a

What distinguishes WordSteam’s Free Keyword Tool from the other suggestions on our list is its design and data representation. You can simultaneously check the paid metrics from two different search engines – Google and Bing. This makes it a valuable tool to have if you need to gain additional insight for your advertisement campaigns.

WordTracker Free tool overview

3.23.1 Functionalities

➤ WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool can show you:

  • Monthly search volume (according to Google Ads)
  • Top of page bid (low range)
  • Top of page bid (high range)
  • Competition (According to Google Ads)

3.23.2 Pros

✔ The software is simple to use with a nonexistent learning curve – just type your seed word and see what it will come up with.

✔ WordStream’s Keyword tool is popular for its ability to find great new keyword suggestions

✔ It also allows you to seek keywords by typing a URL. This way, you can check your competitors’ pages and see what relevant keywords they use in their content.

3.23.3 Cons

✖ The tool shows only paid metrics and no organic results.

✖ You need to download the reports if you want to see all of the keywords.

✖ The tool doesn’t provide enough metrics to do an in-depth keyword analysis for content and blog creation.

WordStream’s Keyword tool is ideal for PPC specialists who need dependable software to generate reliable data for their paid campaigns. You can use it in combination with the Google Keyword Planner to get a better perspective of your potential competition.

Visit WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool

3.24 Google Natural Language API -Demo

Payment option: Free
Plans:  n/a
Trial option: n/a

Google Natural Language API is a cloud-based tool that uses machine learning to analyze text and extract insights about its content. The API is designed to help developers build applications that can understand and interpret natural language text, including sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and syntax analysis. It can also be used by SEO specialists to find the right keywords for their copy. You can check entire articles posted by your competitors and see which terms and phrases you should include in your own posts.

Google Natural Language API -Demo overview

3.24.1 Functionalities

➤ Google Natural Language API has five main functionalities:

  • Syntax Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Entity Analysis
  • Entity Sentiment Analysis
  • Text Classification

3.24.2 Pros

✔ It is another completely free Google tool you can use limitlessly.

✔ You will get access to valuable insight that no other tool can provide you with. If you want to learn more about this topic, Toptal has a detailed article dedicated to explaining what is Google Natural Language API.

✔ The Natural Language API is designed to reveal intent, so it is the best way to find keywords that resonate with your audience.

✔ The software allows you to analyze your competitors’ content and identify the most suitable keywords.

3.24.3 Cons

✖ The tool works best in English and doesn’t perform well with other languages.

✖ You won’t get any metrics or SEO data from the Natural language API, as it analyzes the text.

✖ You will need some time to learn how to properly use the software and find the right terms and phrases to include in your copy.

✖ The software is not suitable for paid advertisement, as to use it, you need to research a proven well-performing ad your competitors use. This can be tricky as you can’t know for sure if an advertisement is successful if you don’t have accurate data.

The Natural Language API is a great way to find the words to include in your headings and headlines. It can help you a lot with content creation, and most importantly – not many people use it as a keyword research tool. Work smart, not hard, and use all available resources to better your SEO strategy.

See how the Natural Language API can help you!

You can check the strong and weak points of the top keyword research tools in a more synthesized way in the Pros and Cons table.


Stop missing out on the action and consider renewing your SEO tool belt. Plenty of reliable products on the market can help you achieve your business goals. Our final advice is don’t be afraid to experiment and try different tools. Almost all of them have a trial period or a free plan; you should take advantage of that as much as possible. Combine their power, do data cross-references, and find the ideal combination of functionalities to achieve your SEO goals.

Share with us what your favorite keyword research tools are. Did you see a great tool that is not on our list? If so, share it with us, and we will include it in one of the upcoming updates of the article.


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